Daniel Stephenson and Zhengzheng Wang Attend IFREE – Jan 30, 2013

Daniel Stephenson and Zhengzheng Wang, graduate students in Department of Economics, have been selected to attend the Annual Visiting Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics at Chapman University on January 6-13, 2013. The workshop is supported by the Economic Science Institute (ESI) and the International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics (IFREE). The IFREE workshop is an annual event designed to introduce graduate students to rigorous research methods in Experimental Economics, as well as a refresher for advanced students. Each year, graduate students are chosen to attend this workshop from universities all over the world. Admission is competitive. This week long workshop will be led by the distinguished faculty at ESI, such as Nobel laureate Vernon Smith, along with Bart Wilson, Sarah Brosnan, Terence Burnham, Gabriele Camera, and others. The workshop will cover a diverse range of topics in the experimental economics field, such as endogenous institutions, Biological foundations of economics, virtual firms, and contests.