TAMU Experimental Economics Group Participates in 2016 TExAS Conference

From March 12 – 13, 2016, members of the TAMU experimental economics group presented at and attended the 2016 TExAS Conference at Rice University in Houston, TX.

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Presenters this year included:

  • Alex Brown: “Separated Decisions”
  • Daniel Stephenson (5th year PhD student): “Coordination and Evolutionary Dynamics in Attacker-Defender Games”
  • Wei Zhan (4th year PhD student): “Playing Both Roles in Dictator Games”
  • Ada Kovaliukaite (3rd year PhD student): “Does an Individual Have Diverse Beliefs? Eliciting Subjects’ Predictions of How a Population Plays” (poster)
  • Billur Aksoy (3rd year PhD student): “Measuring Trust: A Reinvestigation” (poster)

In addition to the presenters, a number of other PhD students and TAMU faculty members also attended.


The TExAS Conference was founded in 2014 by Dr. Brown, director of the ERL, as a way for experimentalists in Texas to collaborate with and learn from each other.