Economic Science Association (ESA)

The Economic Science Association (ESA) is a professional organization devoted to using controlled experiments to learn about economic behavior. Dr. Catherine Eckel, Director of the ERL, previously served as President of ESA from 2017-2019. Dr. Marco Castillo and Dr. Danila Serra currently serve on the ESA Executive Committee.

Each year, ESA hosts multiple conferences throughout the world. ERL faculty and students regularly present at the North American ESA Meeting, as shown below.

2019 ESA North American Meeting (Los Angeles, CA)

Three faculty members and one PhD student presented at the 2019 ESA Meeting held on October 10-13 in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Alexander Brown presented his working papers “Empirical Strategy-Proofness” and “Meta‐Analysis of Empirical Estimates of Loss‐Aversion”

Dr. Ragan Petrie presented her working papers “Incentivized Learning and Energy Use” and “Does Workplace Competition Increase Labor Supply? Evidence from a Field Experiment”.

Dr. Danila Serra presented her working paper ” “Changing Youth Aspirations and Gender Attitudes Through Role Models: Experimental Evidence from Somalian Schools”

Ryan Rholes, 5th year PhD student, presented his working paper ” “Escaping Secular Stagnation With Unconventional Monetary Policy”

2018 ESA North American Meeting (Antigua, Guatemala)

The 2018 ESA North American Meeting was held in Antigua, Guatemala on October 18-20, 2018. Students and faculty from the ERL and the Human Behavior Lab are pictured above. (L to R: Billur Aksoy, Manuel Hoffmann, Alex Brown, Peilu Zhang, Michelle Segovia, Catherine Eckel, Ben Priday, Natalia Candelo, Jose Castillo, Marco Palma)

During the conference, Dr. Catherine Eckel presented her working paper, ” Asymmetric Information Undermines Coasian Bargaining in Common (Oil) Pool Resources “.

Dr. Alexander Brown presented his working paper “Can Individuals Recognize Selected Information When They Satisfice? An Experimental Investigation”

PhD students also presented during the conference. Billur Aksoy presented her paper ” The Effect of Scarcity on In-Group Bias in Pro-Social and Moral Behavior: Evidence from Coffee Farmers in Guatemala” and Manuel Hoffmann presented his paper ” Influenza Vaccines, Employee Health, and Sickness Absence: A Field Experiment at the Workplace”.