Recent Publications

Dr. Catherine Eckel

Grossman, Philip J., Catherine Eckel, Mana Komai, and Wei Zhan. “It Pays to Be a Man: Rewards for Leaders in a Coordination Game.”  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 161: 197-215. May 2019.

Candelo, Natalia, Angela C. M. de Oliveira, and Catherine Eckel, “Worthiness versus Self-Interest in Charitable Giving: Evidence from a Low-Income, Minority Neighborhood.”  Southern Economic Journal 85(4): 1196-1216. March 2019.

Sheheryar Banuri, Angela de Oliveira and Catherine Eckel.  “Care Provision: An Experimental Investigation.”  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 157: 615-630.  January 2019. 

Candelo, Natalia, Rachel T. A. Croson and Catherine Eckel, “Transmission of Information within Transnational Social Networks: A Field Experiment.”  Experimental Economics. December 2018, Volume 21(4): 905–923. December 2018.

Charness, Gary, Catherine Eckel, Uri Gneezy, and Agne Kajackaite. “Complexity in Risk Elicitation May Affect Conclusions: A Demonstration Using Gender Differences.” Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 56(1): 1–17. February 2018.

Eckel, Catherine C., David Herberich, and Jonathan Meer. A field experiment on directed giving at a public university. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 66: 66-71.  February 2017.  

Dr. Alex Brown

Brown, Alexander L., Jonathan Meer and J. Forest Williams, 2018. “Why Do People Volunteer? An Experimental Analysis of Preferences for Time Donations.” Management Science, 65(4):1455-1468.

Van Huyck, John, Ajalavat Viriyavipart, and Alexander L. Brown, 2018. “When Less Information is Good Enough: Experiments with Global Stag Hunt Games.” Experimental Economics 21: 527-548.

Brown, Alexander L., Ajalavat Viriyavipart, and Xiaoyuan Wang, 2018. “Search Deterrence in Experimental Consumer Goods Markets.” European Economic Review 104: 167-184.

Brown, Alexander L. and Paul J. Healy, 2018. “Separated Decisions.” European Economic Review 101: 20-34.

Dr. Marco Castillo/Dr. Ragan Petrie

Castillo, Marco and Ragan Petrie, 2019. “Bargaining in the Field,” in Handbook of Experimental Game Theory, Monica Capra, Rachel Croson, Mary Rigdon and Tanya Rosenblatt, eds., Edward Elgar.

Castillo, Marco, Jeffrey L. Jordan and Ragan Petrie, 2019. “Discount Rates of Children and High School Graduation” The Economic Journal, 129(619), 1153-1181.

Exley, Christine and Ragan Petrie, 2018. “The Impact of a Surprise Donation Ask,” Journal of Public Economics, 158, 152-167.

Castillo, Marco, Jeffrey L. Jordan and Ragan Petrie, 2018. “Children’s Rationality, Risk Attitudes, and Field Behavior,” European Economic Review, 102, 62-81.

Castillo, Marco, Phil Cross and Mikhail Freer, 2019. “Nonparametric Utility Theory in Strategic Settings: Revealing Preferences and Beliefs from Games of Proposal and Response,” Games and Economic Behavior, 115, 60-82.

Castillo, Marco, Jeffrey L. Jordan and Ragan Petrie, 2018. “Children’s Rationality, Risk Attitudes and Field Behavior,” European Economic Review, 102, pp. 62-81.

Dr. Danila Serra 

Serra, Danila and C. Porter, 2019. “Gender differences in the choice of major: The importance of female role models,” Forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Applied.

Serra, Danila and G. Spagnolo, 2018. “Motivating Whistleblowers,” Forthcoming Management Science.

Serra, Danila and D. Ryvkin, 2018. “Corruption and competition among bureaucrats: An experimental study,” Forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.