2017 ESA Conference Presentations by Texas A&M University

The 2017 Meeting of the Economic Science Association (ESA) took place from October 20 – 21, 2017 at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia.

Dr. Catherine Eckel gave the keynote address. The title was “Gender Differences: What have we learned from 25 years of Experimental Research?”

Dr. Dan Fragiadakis also presented, speaking on the topic of “Can Individuals Recognize Selected Information When They Satisfice?” (This paper was coauthored with a fellow TAMU behavioral economist, Dr. Alex Brown.)

A number of TAMU’s behavioral economics doctoral students also presented at the conference. Topics included:

  • Noah Bacine: “Gender, Culture, and Competition”
  • Manuel Hoffman: “Does fairness matter? Only if it benefits me”
  • Ada Kovaliukaite: “Biased Norm Inference in Networks of Socially Complementary Behaviors”
  • Abigail Peralta: “Conflict Exposure and In-Group Bias”