The Department of Economics at TAMU participates at the ESA North-American meeting in Dallas, Texas – October 22-24, 2015

Faculty and PhD students of Texas A&M’s Department of Economics presented their research at the Economics Science Association (ESA) North American meeting in Dallas, Texas. The conference draws some of the most important researchers in economic science. This year’s plenary speaker was Iris Bohnet.


The presenters and research topics during the conference were (in session order):

  • Daniel Stephenson, “Coordination and Evolutionary Stability in Continuous-Time Attacker Defender Games”
  • Ada Kovaliukaite, “Does an Individual Have Diverse Beliefs? An Experimental Investigation”
  • Alexander Brown, “Institutional Rules and Oil Field Unitization”
  • Billur Aksoy, “Measuring Trust: A Reinvestigation”
  • Zoey Zhengzheng Wang, “Group Size and the Effectiveness of Punishment in Public Goods Games”
  • Daniel Fragiadakis, ”A Cross-Game Analysis of Behavioral Game Theory Types”
  • Noah Bacine, “An Investigation of Feedback: When it’s enough and when it’s too much”
  • Haley Harwell, “Did the Ice Bucket Challenge Drain the Philanthropic Reservoir?: An Investigation Using A Real-Donation Lab Experiment”