Texas A&M Experimental Economists Present at 2018 TExAS Meeting

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, members of Texas A&M University’s experimental economics group attended and participated in the fourth annual Texas Experimental Association Symposium (TExAS) Meeting. This year’s TExAS Meeting was held at Trinity University.
Presenters and topics from Texas A&M included:

  • Billur Aksoy: “The Effect of Scarcity on In-Group Bias in Pro-Social and Moral Behavior: Evidence from Coffee Farmers in Guatemala”
  • Noah Bacine: “An Investigation into How Identity Affects Trust” (Poster)
  • Marco Castillo, PhD: “The Long Lasting Effects of Political Violence on Risk Preferences”
  • Catherine Eckel, PhD: “Using Behavioral Experiments to Predict the Decision to Evacuate: The Tale of a Coastal Town and Hurricane Harvey” (Poster)
  • Manuel Hoffmann: “Why Do People Not Vaccinate?”
  • Ragan Petrie, PhD: “Optimal Incentives to Encourage a Charitable Donation”
  • Ryan Rholes: “Coase Theorem in a Digital Environment: A Replication and Extension”


Congratulations to all of our presenters!